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UI System

Sharing Ease — Accessibility and dissemination across all channels: email, SMS, website, printing, (...).

Popular and Familiar — Easy to use for all readers and from all devices.

An Essential Standard — Ideal for presenting all types of content; products, services, institutional, (...).

Converting the Reader — Detailing content, including personas and CTAs, a PDF reassures and engages.

Economical and Scalable — Unbeatable ROI and low-cost update editions.

Durable and Reliable — Existing since 1993, a PDF will always be relevant for use.

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Kesako X ChatGPT

May I share some information with you?
Hi there — Welcome to Kesako UK.
What is Kesako's project process?

Simply convey your ideas, requests, queries, and criteria to Kesako, along with any existing content, if applicable
After one or more ideation calls, and to discuss your project — We create your customized, exclusive, and original file from scratch, perfectly tailored to your needs — The service duration is estimated to be 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the project.
Because we value uniqueness and alignment with your editorial style and branding guidelines — Our process may involve creating illustrations, selecting or designing fonts, writing content, and other steps — That's why our timelines are set accordingly.
Perfect! And why choose Kesako?

Complementing our creative, personalized, contextual, and strategic artistic direction, we offer additional options — For example, if your file is large, we provide storage on our online server — And furnish a short, easy-to-share link with your clients, readers, or users.
Unless otherwise requested, our creations adhere to standard formats for ease of use or printing — We also offer a complimentary service for revisions and updates for six months — Finally, we'd be delighted to provide a portfolio showcasing our past work and references.
Awesome! Also, what is the calculation for your service fees?

Our fees are transparent, modular, and predictable based on your needs (prices are excluding taxes) — You have two options;
Option 1 — Standard pricing per page for all edits: £129 per page for all file types, except for infographics, for which a package starting at £490 is applied.
Option 2 — Choose the monthly subscription at £399 to address your needs continuously. This service offers unlimited file creation to meet all your requirements while managing your budget. A minimum commitment of 6 months is required.